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Release Date:- 2022-01-06

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12 weird, bizarre, and genre-defying stories to entertain and delight. Go on a roadtrip to a Lovecraftian hell-pit. Witness aerialists leaping into the void. Sail uncharted waters with the deadliest of crewmates. Explore a shadow dimension populated entirely by film & television characters. Experience the Louvre in the throes of the cataclysmic Artpocalypse. Fear the clown. And yes, we have... a Zombie Gorilla!

From darkly humorous to Bizarro adjacent, these are the strangest stories ever to have landed in the Curiosities mailroom.

The Acrobat's Guide to Vanishing Without a Trace by Avra MargaritiAnd The Faces Screamed In The Gallery by Konstantine ParadiasThe Prince in Darkness by Phil MargoliesThe Automat's Automaton by Angela EnosWhaling with Clowns by Chris KuriataSix Coins by Liam HoganPayback by B. Morris AllenJack Be Nimble by CB DroegeThe Finishing School by Lena NgOne Last Date at the Pitside by Sebastien MantleSt Marco by Tannar MillerTwilight of the Electric Shadows by Paul R HardyAuthor interview by Andrew McCurdy
Edited by Kevin Frost and Andrew McCurdy